With a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance, Maria Lynn Tassone is more than well versed in the pedagogy and anatomy of the voice. Maria's students and choir have achieved numerous awards and at the Lakehead Music Festival here in Thunder Bay. Voice lessons run for the full academic year (from September to June) with multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. At Christmas, students can perform in the December Recital and in June, the Year-End Recital. If Students wish they will also have the opportunity to perform at the Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts as well as So You Think You've Got Talent and High School Idol.  

 We offer a variety of programs to suit each student’s musical preference and needs. Our programs include the following but are not limited to:

  • Classical
  • Musical Theatre
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • R & B
  • Gospel/Christian Contemporary

Your lessons will focus on:


Exercises used to develop support, strength, tone and musicality so that a student can sing healthily without any vocal fatigue or damage. Exercises help to warm up and condition the singers voice so that they can continue to sing lifelong.

Vocal Pedagogy:

The anatomy of the voice and vocal tract, including but not limited to the process of breathing and vocalization learning where your voice comes from and how the different muscle groups within your entire body work together to help you produce a healthy sound. As well as vocal health practices such as warming up and hydration.


Learning to sing along with a variety of instruments/backgrounds as well as live and recorded accompaniment, matching both pitch and rhythm for a variety of different songs/styles.


You will learn audition/performance etiquette, performing on stage with and without a microphone, making the most of the stage, conquer stage fright and become engaging to an audience.