There are two different piano programs: classical and pop. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Lessons will be taught on a Kawaii Digital Keyboard which has advanced hammerhead action to mimic the action of an acoustic keyboard. 

Classical Program

Conservatory Canada (or Royal Conservatory if a student prefers) is used for the classical program, which emphasizes technical skills (such as scales, arpeggios, and ear training). The program also uses songs from a range of musical eras: Baroque , Classical, Romantic , and Impressionistic/ Modern. Beginners will start with the Hal Leonard student piano library. 

Theory is a vital part of this program, so starting at the Grade 2 level students should purchase a theory book and bring it to lessons with them.

The Classical Program is recommended for those who enjoy classical music, or for students who are planning on pursuing music in postsecondary education.

Pop Program

The Tritone Music Academy will be used for the pop program. This program emphasizes chord memorization, improvisation through jazz and contemporary songs. Junior students will start with Music street/ Keyboard corner to receive a solid basis for the Academy books. 

Basic theory is included in each book, but more advanced theory books are available if desired.

This program is recommended for students who dislike classical music, are interested in learning popular songs or accompanying themselves and for students who wish to pursue music in the form of a band or musical group.